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Advantage Learners Class (ALC)

All students who are in need of enrichment in their studies will attend the ALC under special vigilance of the principal and the academic coordinators with help of the teaching faculties. The duration of ALC is for 45minutes after regular classes with light refreshment.

This ALC is reviewed twice a month to see that the students have enriched their studies or not. A student may attend this ALC till it is needed to him or her.


ECR’s impressive digital tools facilitate team-based workflows with pain staking to a attention to creativity and artistic flair.

ECR enables the educators to sketch and over live video, and displays objects using the iPad, camera with the ability to sketch, write, label, or laser print to objects in real time.

Every class-room is fitted with smart class which aims to help create an active learning environment, with an effective an active learning environment, with an effective blend of innovative class room and outdoor activities, projects and multimedia. It is an integrated learning solution for schools, designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction with an effective blend of class room’s activities and interactive multimedia.

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