Rules and Regulations


  • 1. Students must come to school in time. Late entries to school will be allowed only after meeting the principal. If a student is late once, he or she will be sent to the class with a verbal warning.
  • 2. Students must enter and exit the class rooms in an orderly manner.
  • 3. Books, notebooks and files required for the class must be brought to the school every day as per the time table.
  • 4. Pupil must bring the hand book to school every day. All home work details must be noted down only in the Handbook. Surprise check of handbook will take place. Parents are requested to check the Handbook daily and ensure that the homework is completed before their wards are sent to school the next day.
  • 5. All students must communicate only in English inside the campus. Languages other than English must be used for communication only in language other classes.
  • 6. Mutual respect for learning and right to teach policy is adopted by the school which determines that every student must listen to the class quietly without causing disturbance to the teacher or a fellow student while the session is in process.
  • 7. Drinking water / eating food inside the class room during the session is prohibited. If the student wishes to eat food or drink water during the class room session teacher’s permission must be availed to do so and must be done only outside the class room. Non day boarders are expected to eat their food in the designated dining area and the food shall be eaten by spoon. Food containers shall not be washed at the school campus.
  • 8. Sharpening pencils, filling inks, etc... Must be done near the waste basket before the teacher enters the class. All the class rooms must be kept clean by disposing waste materials only into the trash container. Writing, Scribbling and splashing of inks in the class room/ corridor wall is prohibited.
  • 9. Any change in the residential address or phone number should be intimated to the office.
  • 10. Children are strictly prohibited from carrying toys, games; parents should ensure that gold ornaments and other valuable things should not be worn by their kids (ward)
  • 11. Children suffering from infectious diseases should take rest at home on advice of physician.
  • 12. Under no circumstances students will be allowed to engage in class parties, distribution of gifts to co-students etc., in the school campus.
  • 13. Students have the responsibility to intimate the class teacher if any damage to the school property has been done by self or other student. Any damage to the school property will be fined. Under circumstances where the actual trouble maker is not traceable the whole class will share the responsibility for the damage.
  • 14. When the student takes a short leave (a day or two), they should take prior permission by submitting the leave letter to their class teacher. Any sick leave beyond 3 days must be accompanied by the doctor’s certificate stating that the child is fit and ready to continue the classes.
  • 15. Student must not leave during class hours or at the end of every class hour unless permitted by the teacher. The pupil can leave the class only at the time of intervals or at the end of the day.
  • 16. It is imperative for the students to be present on the first and last working day of every term. Attendance is compulsory on all special days like Independence Day, sports day etc… The pupil should have at least 85% attendance to be eligible for promotion at the end of the year.
  • 17. Malpractices in exam will lead to termination of the student from that exam and also the following examinations for that term and the parent will be notified of the same. If the behaviour is repeated, “F” grade will be given and the student will be terminated from the school.
  • 18. Parents can meet the principal on all working days after 4 p.m but only with prior appointment. Parents cannot talk to teachers over telephone about their ward’s performance.
  • 19. Parents are expected to come for orientation programs as communicated through the hand book
  • 20. We expect the parents to co-operate with the school rules and regulations in order to cultivate discipline obedience among the students.
  • 21. During the working days and school working hour’s parents will not be allowed in the school corridors and they cannot meet the teachers. For of the ward safety kindly co-operate with the security personnel for proper entry inside the school campus.
  • 22. Those parents who are picking up their wards from the school are expected to wait at the parents waiting hall to pick their kids.

    a) Parents are requested to monitor their ward’s academic work regularly.

    b)Absence during assessments will not be entertained. Parents are requested to note that their wards do not absent themselves for trivial reasons. If a pupil absent himself/ herself for any of the formative or summative assessments, no re-test shall be conducted. Parents have to abide by the decisions of the school authority regarding the promotion.

    c)Only when the child is sick, parents are granted permission to take their child after Assessment. For which a medical certificate is necessary.

  • 23. a) Periodical Assessment reports will be sent to the parent or guardian to appraise them of the pupil’s regularity, punctuality, discipline, and conduct at school.

    b) Report cards must be duly acknowledged by the parent/ guardian.

    c) Any pupil who does not return the assessment report within two days duly signed by the parent or the guardian will not be allowed to attend class.


A uniform completes a student! And, we make sure that each student looks complete and perfect in it. The school uniform designs are available in school office.

Uniform Regulations:
  • All students must come to school in prescribed uniform, which should be clean and tidy, no exceptions!
  • Students will be checked for improper uniform once they step into the school, before going to the class. If the uniform work by the students is not according to me schools specification them, the child will be allowed to enter the class only after the Physical Educational Director reviews him/her.
  • Students should clip nails periodically cut and comb hair neatly. The hair style for the girls should be as prescribed by the school.
  • Pupils should refrain from wearing/ bringing Jewell to school, heavy makeup’s, lipstick, nail polish, perfume, colored hair bands(except white), tattoos, hair colour, etc.,
  • Students are allowed to wear colored dress only on their birthdays, or on days if instructed by the school. The student must make note that colour dress must not be skin tight, short or sleeve-less. If not followed, parents will be intimated and students will not be sent to the class unless they change.

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